Opportunities for Utility and Rental Assistance

My Views

Economic Justice

It is my belief that everyone should have access to opportunities to improve their quality of life without discrimination, due to overwhelming poverty rates especially among black communities, economic justice is a concern that legislators must prioritize to ensure massive economic related crimes will cease and the wealth gap will move toward elimination.


Medicare For All

Medicare for all is a concept that will be beneficial for many people across the country. It will provide no cost health insurance in the form of true Universal Healthcare; however, I believe individuals that would like to keep their private insurance plans should have the option to do so.

Our Seniors

Currently it appears that our seniors are not receiving the consideration they need. The retirement age to receive 100% benefits continues to increase. Prescription drug cost are rising although several seniors are living on a fixed income, access to more efficient public transportation, and the lack of senior centers is also a major area of concern for me.

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green energy

The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal has the potential to be beneficial if it is executed in the ways it’s intended to, tackling harmful climate change, job creation and addressing and reducing economic inequality is a great plan. My only concern is black communities may be the least considered in the implementation of this deal.


Cannabis must be legalized in all states and on a federal level immediately. For several decades in this country Cannabis was legal and used in medications and as methods for relaxation. The criminalization of Cannabis has ruined lives and packed prisons with nonviolent people. The benefits of Cannabis far outweigh the disadvantages.



Immigration is one of the country’s biggest challenges, while I am in full support of legal immigration, I also understand at times unfortunate situations arise which may deem the process of legal immigration unfeasible in extenuating circumstances.


The LGBTQ community should not have their humanity diminished. They should have access to quality healthcare, housing, employment, and all other benefits offered to society at large; however, I also feel the LGBTQ community must respect the customs and beliefs of others in situations where their human rights are not being violated.



I am not an advocate for abortion but I feel it is a personal decision that must be decided upon among families. I strongly feel alternatives to abortion such as adoption, and programs for extensive family planning should be heavily promoted.